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ba sho hair / 美容院 / 愛知県

Category : Hair salon / 美容院
Type : Interior design / インテリアデザイン
Place : Okazaki,Aichi / 愛知県岡崎市
Date : 2016
Construction Trader : Sanko construction Co., Ltd
Photo : Yasuko Okamura(329 Photo Studio)
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愛知県岡崎市に位置する美容院『ba sho hair』

美容院の名前、“ba sho”はお客が幸せになれる“場所”を目指して付けた店舗名になります。





The design concept is “European antique”.

The entrance approach is designed to enhance customers’ expectations; the existing aluminum sash at the entrance is covered by decorative molding; and the porch is finished with marble mosaic; entering the interior space, you see antique furniture and door, as well as a shampoo area loosely divided behind delicate lace curtains waving in the wind.

The shop is in a single open space, so that they can increase hair cut sections, or move furniture to reveal a large white blank surface on the wall for photo shooting of the salon’s work.

Since the salon is located along the national road, there is a large car parking in front of the shop; in order to make the salon clearly visible from the road without a loud signage, a large, pure-white awning with a simple logo print is attached, to create a visible yet elegant shop sign.