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R ART OF COFFEE cafe & roaster / カフェ・焙煎所 / 愛知県

Category : Cafe & Roaster / カフェ・焙煎所
Type : Interior design / インテリアデザイン
Place : Nagakute,Aichi / 愛知県長久手市
Date : 2015
Graphic Design : Tomoshi Yoshida
Construction Trader : Miyachi construction ltd.
Photo : Yasuko Okamura(329 Photo Studio)
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倉庫を改装したカフェの店内は、焙煎やハンドドリップでコーヒーを淹れる姿を楽しみながら、 スタッフと会話しながら自分好みのコーヒーを探せ、心地良く過ごせる空間を目指しました。






This cafe with a roastery of specialty coffee beans, is located in a commuter town in Aichi prefecture.

This shop, converted from a warehouse, is designed to provide a cozy, pleasant space where customers can enjoy the atmosphere of a barista roasting coffee beans, or brewing coffee by hand drip, while talking with a shop staff to find the coffee of their preferences.

The shop uses specialty coffee beans whose places of origin and farms are clearly identified, and provides the best possible coffee by paying particular attentions to the handling of beans, such as the roasting duration.

In order to produce a space to match the essential nature and quality of this shop, we carefully sorted out the interior finish elements and materials, and selected copper and brass as the mate rials to accentuate the space for their gradual transformation of textures and feelings by usages.

The entrance with 5-meter height and 3.5-meter width is built with a steel frame composed of H-beams, while its door is produced by using copper plate, and glass channels and door handles are in brass.

Within the large warehouse volume, calm and intimate spaces are produced by assembling 50 x 50mm steel pipe frames for the kitchen and the seating areas. The roasting machine is placed on an elevated platform and surrounded by a semi-circular counter table, so that customers can enjoy watching the process of roasting coffee beans.