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ki se tsu hair salon / 美容院 / 愛知県








In the heart of Nagoya-city, a husband and his wife run a hair salon and an esthetic salon in the same place.

One of their requests was that they needed spaces for both the hair salon and the esthetic salon separately in only 40 m² of space. Furthermore, the esthetic salon would be operated by the wife by appointment system, so when she did not have any appointments they would like to use as a private room of the hair salon.

The second, they have been planning to have two styling station for now, however in the future they would like to have four stations including a private room.

And one more request, they wanted a large white wall that can be used for photographing somewhere in the salon.

Therefore I have decided to make the space for only two styling stations instead of making the maximum number of stations and even the esthetic salon so that they could use its space more useful like when they needed more stations,they could bring mirrors, chairs and storage which were movable.

Also the wall was movable to make a private room which they could use either a private styling station or a private esthetic salon. When they needed not many styling stations or a private room, could feel the space more spacious.

Moreover when photographing, if they moved the mirrors, a large white wall would come out so that not only for photographing, but also it could suit its management situation or its use even if it was changed.